How Great Thou Art! How aptly this song describes our awesome God. I am at a lost on how to begin my testimony just because He has been "too marvelous for words, too wonderful for comprehension" as the chorus of the song goes. I would like to single out one thing in my life that testifies of the great love of our God for each and every one of us.

When God want you to be in His team, He will equip you in way and time that you do not understand. In my Secondary years, I was wondering why did I get involve with Sound Equipment. It was not really my strong point at all. I never wanted to make Sound Engineering my profession. My reason was I was tone deaf, but God fixed that. I am not musically inclined, God also make provision for that.

When I was medically confirmed that my left heart muscle are beginning to harden – I think more about going home to Heaven !

It is a fact that nobody stays young all the time. It is a reality that death is no respecter of age. Death is on equal terms with everyone. When my time is up > it is up for eternity with Jesus !

My life do not end just like this because there is more to life !

I would like to relate an incident in my walk with the Lord. In my growing up years, I asked the Lord to show me His love and care so that I could experience explicitly how He felt for me. I have known Him so some years already, but I wanted more of Him. He demonstrated His fatherly love and care to all of us in that He died for us while we were still sinners, away from God.

I came from a family who followed Confucius’ teachings, but did not have any religious practices or altars in our house. In 1974, I became interested to know the God whom Christians worship. I started to read the Bible (King James Version) but having no prior knowledge of the Christian faith, it was difficult to understand the background of those historical events and I had many questions. One day my brother-in-law gave me a book written by Eugenia Price entitled “Beloved World” – a simplified story of God and people as told from the Bible.


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